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Symposium 01
Archeometry of glasses
Lead Organizer Julian Henderson University of Nottingham, UK
Symposium 02
Relaxation and structure of glasses
Lead Organizer Sung Keun Lee Seoul National University, Korea
Symposium 03
Crystallization, glass-ceramics and glasses with nano-crystals
Lead Organizer Tsuyoshi Honma Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
Symposium 04
Non-oxide glasses and glass-ceramics
Lead Organizer Laurent Calvez Rennes University, France
Symposium 05
Computer simulation, machine learning and predictive modeling in glasses
Lead Organizer Jincheng Du University of North Texas, USA
Symposium 06
Glass batch, fining and melt properties
Lead Organizer Jaroslav Klouzek University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
Symposium 07
Additive manufacturing and new processing techniques of glasses
Lead Organizer Jianrong Qiu Zhejiang University, China
Symposium 08
Surface properties of glass
Lead Organizer Seong Han Kim Pennsylvania State University, USA
Symposium 09
Energy storage and transport in glasses
Lead Organizer Ana C. M. Rodrigues Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
Symposium 10
Strengthening, mechanical and thermal properties of glasses and glass fibers
Lead Organizer Yuanzheng Yue Aalborg University, Denmark
Symposium 11
Luminescence properties and photonic applications of glasses
Lead Organizer Shifeng Zhou South China University of Technology, China
Symposium 12
Optical fibers, waveguides and devices
Lead Organizer John Ballato Clemson University, USA
Symposium 13
Glasses for healthcare and medical uses
Lead Organizer Julian Jones Imperial College London, UK
Symposium 14
Conventional uses of glass - flat, container and fibre products
Lead Organizer Russell Hand University of Sheffield, UK
Symposium 15
Glasses for waste immobilization and recycling
Lead Organizer Cheon Woo Kim Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Korea
Symposium 16
Glass application in metallurgy: properties, characterization and modeling
Lead Organizer Jung Wook Cho Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
Symposium 17
Glass under extreme conditions
Lead Organizer Morten Mattrup Smedskjaer Aalborg University, Denmark
Symposium 18
Challenges for solution processing of glasses: monolithic composite, thin films and nano materials toward functionalities
Lead Organizer Masahide Takahashi Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Symposium 19
Glass for emerging applications: 5G communications, autonomous automobiles, flexible electronics and new sensors
Lead Organizer Shingo Nakane Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd., Japan